Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in Popular Automotive GPS Tracking Device (MiCODUS MV720)

Bitsight has discovered six severe vulnerabilities in a popular vehicle GPS tracker (MiCODUS MV720) potentially allowing hackers to track individuals, remotely disable fleets of corporate supply and emergency vehicles, abruptly stop civilian vehicles on dangerous highways, and more.

There are believed to be 1.5 million MiCODUS devices, across 169 countries, in use today by individual consumers, government agencies, militaries, law enforcement, and corporations.

Organizations identified by Bitsight using MiCODUS GPS trackers include:

  • A Fortune 50 energy, oil and gas company
  • A national military in South America
  • A Fortune 50 technology company
  • A nuclear power plant operator
  • A state on the East Coast of the United States.

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