Bitsight’s Integration for the Archer Platform: Manage Vendor Risk In One Seamless Workflow


As the cybersecurity landscape expands and work becomes increasingly digitized, your organization’s workflow and critical data is exposed to more cyber risk. This risk often originates outside your organization, in your vendor ecosystem. The 2022 Verizon Breach Investigations Report reveals 62% of system intrusions entered through an organization’s partner. 

As risk professionals, you need to track changes in third-party security controls, and gain insights into your vendor’s historical risk performance to keep the third-party portfolio within the bounds of your organization’s risk appetite. 

This continued challenge comes at a crucial time for vendor risk management teams aiming to strategically distribute resources and make the most out of their cybersecurity investment. Conducting vendor risk assessments is expensive, and relies on the accuracy of the information a vendor provides. The ever-evolving security risk environment, evolving ransomware threats, and new focus from company stakeholders makes this task more complex, presenting a moving target that’s more time-consuming to manage. 

As vendor risk managers navigate through the challenges on a day-to-day basis, the need has never been greater to have one single, pane-of-glass view into vendor risk, assessment, monitoring, and effective assurance so that you can work effectively against cybersecurity threats.

Introducing Bitsight & Archer

If your organization invested in Archer as your risk management platform, the new Archer + Bitsight TPRM integration brings your vendor risk management to the next level of efficiency. Bitsight Security Ratings are used by over 2,900 customers worldwide to manage internal and vendor risk, including 20% of Fortune 500 companies and 120+ government and international institutions. Archer users can implement Bitsight into their workflows seamlessly to stay informed, active, and confident about risk management using industry-leading cybersecurity data.

archer 1

The visually-enhanced Archer dashboard highlights critical risk metrics, and provides a list of quick links to make continuous monitoring more efficient and internal reporting straightforward and data-driven.

Bring your workflow to a new level of efficiency

Connecting with Bitsight in the Archer platform drives efficiencies across your third-party risk management program. The Bitsight dashboard within Archer makes it possible to:

  • Review vendors’ Bitsight Security Rating and assess the impact of infosec-related activity across your vendor portfolio.
  • Gain single-click access to Bitsight reports, along with deeper, technical, portfolio information in the Bitsight portal.
  • Track program performance metrics and audit trails easily. 
archer 2

Integration users can access the vendor profile report that includes color coded description of a vendor’s Bitsight Rating Category, subscription type, and portfolio links to a deep dive on Bitsight portal.


Continuous monitoring of vendor cybersecurity risk

The Bitsight Archer integration speeds up your vendor onboarding and review process and helps you prioritize resources to have the greatest impact. When an infosec-related change occurs in a vendor’s network, the Third-Party Profile page provides quick access to the vendor’s Bitsight data and reports. The vendor’s risk status is displayed with accompanying evidence and deep links into the Bitsight portal, so your vendor risk management team has immediate insight into the security risks without waiting for the vendor’s own analysis.

This bridges what is traditionally considered as the assessment gap - traditional assessments occur annually, or perhaps more frequently for your most critical vendor, but what about security events that happen between assessment periods? Continuous monitoring is essential to keeping you prepared for any possible cyber threats, and acts as your eyes and ears into your vendor’s cybersecurity hygiene on an ongoing basis.

Real-time visibility for immediate, collaborative actions

Daily Bitsight updates enable vendor risk managers to track changes across their vendor portfolio and help adjust the needed level of vendor monitoring based on vendor performance: you can choose to monitor high-impact vendors (those with critical operational responsibilities and have close access to critical company data) more thoroughly than low-impact vendors, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Receive and assign alerts for critical changes in a vendor’s infosec posture to enable cross-functional, efficient risk management across your vendor risk management program.    

Accessing the Integration

To learn more about the integration, or if you’re looking for a demo, check out our Bitsight Archer Integration hub. For Bitsight or Archer customers, we encourage you to reach out to your Bitsight representative.  

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