Cyber security risk assessment report sample

The value of a cyber security risk assessment report sample

Conducting a cyber risk assessment can be a big task, but using templates and sample reports can help to streamline efforts. Working with a cyber security risk assessment report sample helps to ensure you’re conforming with cyber risk best practices and checking every box to assess risk across all categories.

Choosing the right cyber security risk assessment report sample is important, and there are plenty of exceptional frameworks to work with. From the NIST Cyber security Framework to the CIS Critical Security Controls, these samples and templates are developed by experts with backgrounds in cyber security risk management. However, any cyber security risk assessment report sample will need to be personalized for the specific needs and risk thresholds of your organization, using metrics that identify and assess risk to your digital ecosystem and supply chain security.

Bitsight can help. With the world’s leading Security Ratings platform, Bitsight provides security and risk managers with all the tools they need to measure their organization’s security performance and evaluate third party cyber risk.

Choosing a sample cyber security risk assessment report

When selecting a cyber security risk assessment report sample to work with, there are several gold standard frameworks to choose from.

CIS Critical Security Controls

Formally known as the SANS Topic 20, the CIS Critical Security Controls was created by public and private sector experts to help companies efficiently implement an effective security program. This framework lists best technology practices that organizations can implement to address their most critical vulnerabilities.

NIST Cyber Security Framework

The NIST Cyber Security Framework is another public and private sector collaboration that’s designed to simplify the process of security assessment and governance. NIST is created for owners and operators of critical infrastructure, but it can be used by any company.

ISO 27000

ISO 27000 is an international framework created by the Internal Organization for Standardization to highlight best practices for information security management systems.

Additionally, Bitsight offers an eBook – 40 Questions You Should Have In Your Vendor Security Assessment – that can help to jumpstart your risk assessment process. This resource is an excellent cyber security risk assessment report sample that blends the NIST and CIS frameworks.

The Bitsight Security Ratings platform

The Bitsight Security Ratings platform transforms how companies manage third party risk and cyber security performance. Bitsight delivers actionable Security Ratings, cyber risk metrics, and security benchmarks by continuously monitoring large pools of objective and independently verify data. Generated daily, Bitsight ratings range from 250 to 900, with higher numbers correlating to stronger security performance.

Bitsight ratings are based on externally verifiable information drawn from 120+ sources. Every day, Bitsight processes 250 billion security measurements concerning 23 key risk vectors that followed the four categories: publicly disclosed breaches, evidence of compromised systems, user behavior, and security diligence. Using a proprietary algorithm to analyze and classify this data, Bitsight produces both an overall security rating for each company as well as granular detail and grades on security performance in specific areas.

As part of a cyber security risk assessment report, Bitsight ratings provide a clear view of a company’s security posture as well as the security performance of third-party vendors. Bitsight Security Ratings also reveal specific areas of risk and the severity of risk within a digital ecosystem, helping security and risk teams to prioritize time and resources for remediation. Bitsight Security Ratings are universal, and can help compare multiple organizations’ security posture, or internal performance over time.

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Bitsight Executive Reports

Bitsight Executive Reports help make security data accessible across business units and to the C-suite and the Board of Directors by using common business language to summarize cybersecurity performance. Executive Reports facilitate data-driven conversations to help organizations identify gaps in their risk and security programs and prioritize resources for improvement.

Users can leverage a variety of standard report templates – including cyber security risk assessment report samples – or create custom reports based on their business’s needs. Bitsight’s reporting capabilities are intuitive – users do not need specific technical knowledge to produce a cyber security risk assessment report in Bitsight.

Centralized reporting

With all reporting functions in one location, users can find report formats or cyber security risk assessment report samples in seconds and export documents with a few clicks.

Custom-defined inputs

Security and risk managers can use the Custom Reporting Engine to create custom communications based on pre-defined reports and cyber security risk assessment report samples. This allows organizations to focus on the risks that matter most to their organization’s goals.

Actionable metrics

Bitsight Executive Reports make it easy to view performance of multiple vendors in a single view and determine where security practices may be falling below acceptable risk thresholds.

Why choose Bitsight?

A leading solution

Bitsight is the world’s leading Security Ratings service for security performance management and third-party cyber risk assessment. Many of the world’s largest organizations rely on Bitsight to gain a clearer picture of their security posture. Bitsight’s 2,100+ customers include 25% of Fortune 500 companies and 20% of the world’s countries.

Greater visibility

Collecting data from 120+ sources, Bitsight provides customers with unprecedented visibility into key risk vectors. Bitsight also offers the ability to view 12+ months of historical data to identify trends and provide more insight into risks and vulnerabilities.

Prioritization and context

Bitsight Security Ratings are based on the most critical and high-quality risk vectors. By calculating importance in a diversified way, Bitsight ensures the most critical assets are ranked higher.

A highly engaged community

Bitsight is the most widely used security ratings platform across all industries, and serves as an avenue for interactions between the most robust community of cyber risk professionals. Bitsight’s community provides the necessary context for customers to gain confidence in their cyber risk decisions, and interaction with third-party vendors.

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