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Learn how BitSight can help healthcare organizations monitor and remediate key sources of cyber risk to protect data and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Cyber Risk Management for Healthcare

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector has created a perilous cybersecurity landscape. As administrators and patients demand secure, cost-efficient access to information, medical devices and telemedicine introduce unique IoT security concerns and further expand the threat landscape.

When a cyber attack does occur, the ramifications extend beyond financial and reputational losses to potentially catastrophic impacts on patients and their quality of care. Even with regulations like HIPAA in place, compliance and security are still lacking in healthcare.

BitSight Security Ratings help healthcare organizations manage their cybersecurity programs and monitor complex vendor portfolios to ensure the safety and security of patient health information, and comply with relevant regulations.

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61% of the Healthcare Sector is at heightened risk of ransomware attacks
Download the “Ransomware in the Healthcare Sector” report to see how the ransomware trend is specifically impacting healthcare organizations, and learn how your organization can implement the right technology to combat the unique risks.

How Can BitSight Help Your Healthcare Organization?

Understand and Manage Security Performance

How secure is your organization?

It sounds like a simple question, but the answer is out of reach for many clinics and health systems. BitSight Security Ratings solve this problem by delivering a continuous, data-driven measure of security performance, enabling healthcare IT and security teams to quickly understand their overall security posture and specific vulnerabilities.

These ratings also provide context, showing you how your organization compares to peers, competitors, and industry averages.

Get Third-Party Risk Under Control

Data breaches that originate in the systems of third parties are among the most dangerous and expensive. Now, as the industry consolidates and adopts cloud-based tools, healthcare organizations are working with more third parties than ever.

Monitoring the security performance of a portfolio of hundreds or thousands of vendors is a tall order. Thankfully, BitSight Security Ratings include tools to assess, monitor, and remediate third-party risk at scale.

Improve Security Awareness and Reduce User-Related Risk

59% of data breach incidents in the Healthcare sector in 2018 were caused by internal threats, including user error, misdelivery, and phishing.

User-related threats aren’t always malicious — simple mistakes or lack of knowledge can lead to non-compliance, fines, financial losses, and reputational damage.

BitSight Security Ratings can be used to quantify the impact of user-related cyber risk and track the effectiveness of security awareness training, helping healthcare organizations secure funding for these initiatives and improve outcomes over time.


Better Security Outcomes with Security Performance Management

Risk-based metrics help you understand where and how you need to prioritize investments in your security program. Read this BitSight-commissioned Forrester Consulting study to learn best practices for building a successful security performance management program.

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