Finding Cybersecurity Program Maturity In The Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry has been through a rollercoaster of a year.

On top of a global pandemic, threat actors are taking advantage of vulnerable organizations with increasingly sophisticated hacking capabilities. It has never been more important for security managers in the healthcare industry to strive for program maturity.

The healthcare industry presents a unique challenge to third party risk managers who have to not only protect sensitive patient health information, but also must comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards for protecting patient privacy. Organization’s are also liable to their vendors’ HIPAA violations, which places vendor cybersecurity risk management at the forefront of major business decisions.

In this eBook, discover manageable steps healthcare cybersecurity professionals can take to mature their third-party risk management programs to proactively tackle threats and best remediate risks across their vendor pool, including:

  • Determining the most critical vendors in your network
  • Effectively assessing your vendors prior to integrating with their network
  • Proactively addressing vendor vulnerabilities before they turn into a data-compromising event
  • And more…

Download the eBook today to get started addressing the inefficiencies in your vendor risk management program and implementing best practices to maturing your program for the healthcare industry.

Finding Cybersecurity Program Maturity In The Healthcare Sector