A Year in Review: A Look Back on BitSight’s 2017

Alex Campanelli | December 8, 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we can’t help but be grateful for what a banner year this has been for BitSight.

Here is a look back at some of BitSight’s top moments from 2017:


1. BitSight receives the “Cyber Service Vendor of the Year” award at Advisen’s Cyber Risk Awards 2017.

This past June in New York City, BitSight accepted the award for “Cyber Service Vendor of the Year” at the annual Advisen Cyber Risk Awards. Advisen is the preeminent cyber insurance conference, attended by over 400 leaders in cyber insurance, including carriers, brokers, and technology vendors. This was a welcome surprise and an honor for BitSight to accept.

2. The successful launch of the inaugural BitSight Roadshows.

This year, BitSight hosted our first ever regional roadshows in London, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Berlin. The events, which featured presentations by BitSight customers and industry thought leaders, brought together security and risk professionals for the day to engage in thoughtful discussion and networking. You can watch the recap of our Boston Roadshow here.  

3. BitSight named the clear leader in the first industry comparison report published by Forrester.

In October, Forrester published a comprehensive report titled “Vendor Landscape: Third-Party Risk Intelligence”, where BitSight was included in their list of top vendor risk management solutions providers. You can download the report here.

4. BitSight’s leadership in the Principles for Fair and Accurate Security Ratings.

BitSight was proud to drive the Principles for Fair and Accurate Security Ratings, published by the US Chamber of Commerce and supported by over 40 organizations. The establishment of these Principles demonstrates the momentum and maturity of the security ratings market that BitSight pioneered in 2011. Designed to promote fairness in reporting and cybersecurity performance analysis, these Principles encourage the adoption of security ratings across all industry sectors.

5. Unprecedented growth and innovation.

BitSight has seen unprecedented growth both internally and externally. Our global employee count is now 275, with offices in Cambridge, MA; Lexington, MA; Raleigh, NC; and Lisbon, Portugal. This year, a CFO, General Counsel, SVP of Partnerships, SVP of Global Sales, and VP of People & Talent also joined the team. We have plans to hire more employees globally as we continue to search for the best and the brightest. We’re thrilled that over 800 customers are using BitSight Security Ratings as we continue to remain the proven leader.

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