Bitsight partners with Schneider Electric to bring innovative exposure detection technology to the global market

Schneider Announcement

Threat actors are deploying more mature breach tactics to avoid detection, wreaking havoc among supply chains and the global digital ecosystem, including operational technology (OT) providers and their large network of connected vendors. Just look at Colonial Pipeline’s disruptive ransomware attack that halted industrial processes to the point of national emergency, or the NotPetya malware attack that shut down shipping container giant Maersk’s network connections and suspended supply chain functionality for businesses around the globe. 

That’s why Bitsight partnered with Schneider Electric, a global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, to bring a data-driven exposure detection tool to organizations around the globe.

First-of-its-kind technology to empower customers

With the partnership, Bitsight and Schneider Electric are enabling security and risk teams to more successfully identify OT exposure risk throughout their extended networks without the need for additional resources. Users of Schneider Electric Industrial Control System (ICS) devices and other connected industrial technology will now have access to industry-leading cybersecurity data and cybersecurity analytics to manage OT risk targeting their systems.

With the new capability enabled through the Bitsight and Schneider partnership, users can maintain a continuous view of internet-connected  OT devices, without active management by cybersecurity personnel. When misconfigurations are identified, teams will then be notified of the needed remediation, and be able to proactively initiate response plans before costly vulnerabilities can be acted on.

With the enriched data and insight collected by Bitsight, Schneider Electric is developing an OT threat intelligence capability to notify and work with customers who have exposed assets or insecure Internet facing deployments,” stated Christophe Blassiau, SVP, Cybersecurity & Global CISO at Schneider Electric.

Bitsight’s Security Ratings are the only cybersecurity ratings verified by Marsh McLennan to directly correlate with an organization's risk of experiencing a data breach. The data and visibility underpinning Bitsight’s industry-leading entity mapping and data attribution capabilities will be augmented in partnership with Schneider Electric. The novel OT detection capability will provide security and risk teams with a trusted tool for identifying and managing network connected OT risks.

Combatting growing digital risks

Schneider Electric empowers organizations to confidently and securely utilize energy resources across the globe, with a diverse set of customers and business partners. With such a large pool of organizations connected to their digital ecosystem (that expands to third parties, fourth parties, and beyond), cybersecurity risk management is a top priority to maintain operational and financial health for customers and themselves.

Partnering with Bitsight highlights Schneider Electric’s commitment to providing secure solutions for organizations worldwide. Schneider Electric is proactively strengthening industrial security and providing more visibility into industrial control system devices that may be at risk from a cyber breach. 

The new-to-market technology is not exclusive to Schneider Electric customers, but expands to any OT vendors willing to share information about their products to improve risk detection across their network, proactively manage cybersecurity threats, and confidently engage in business partnerships.

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The latest partnership with Schneider Electric highlights Bitsight’s focus on global threat detection and ecosystem hygiene going into the new year. Bitsight is continuously providing customer-centric solutions to facilitate a secure global ecosystem, with resources to support third-party risk management, financial quantification of cyber risk, security performance of your internal programs, and more.

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