BitSight Insights: A Global View of Security Performance

BitSight is proud to announce the release of our latest research report, ”BitSight Insights Global View: Revealing Security Metrics Across Major World Economies”. This report looks at the Security Ratings of a random sample of 250 companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, China and Brazil from May 1, 2015 to May 1, 2016. Security and risk professionals can use the findings of this report can utilize these findings to better understand the potential cyber risks of doing business in foreign countries.

A few key findings in this report include:
  • Companies based in Brazil have the lowest aggregate Security Rating, while companies in the UK, Germany and the US have the highest.

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  • Brazil and the United States have the poorest performance when it comes to preventing and mitigating machine compromise stemming from botnet infections; Germany and the UK perform the best in the fight against botnets.

  • Major vulnerabilities in important communication protocols such as Heartbleed, POODLE and FREAK continue to affect organizations within all countries included in the study.

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    What Companies Can Take Away

    Companies can leverage the findings in this report to better understand what cyber risks they may face if they offshore. For companies looking to contract a vendor in a foreign country, this report can help inform what security issues to look for during the lifetime of the business relationship, from screening through continuous monitoring. Cyber insurance underwriters can better understand the global risks while writing policies for multinational organizations with significant offshore technology infrastructure. For companies expanding their own operations, this report can provide insight into potential threats that are common in. Lastly, companies looking to acquire a foreign entity can better monitor the historical and current performance of an acquisition target and understand potential cyber risks that may arise during the acquisition period and beyond.

    To learn more about the performance of organizations within these countries on other key security metrics, from email security protocols to peer-to-peer file sharing, download this report today.