Team Fun In The Summer Sun: Community Engagement at BitSight

Abby Heaslet | July 28, 2017 | tag: BitSight

Here @BitSight, we are committed to our mission to transform the understanding of cyber risk through the usage of Security Ratings. It’s pretty serious stuff and involves lots of inspiration and even more perspiration. BUT we are not just about work. It’s important to us to have balance — to be involved in the local community and also to have plenty of fun.

To that end, we recently participated in the perfect event that combined community engagement and fun  the Boston Children’s Hospital Second Annual Corporate Cup. Along with people from over 70 other Boston-area companies, sixteen of our best gathered at Harvard Stadium to take part in a variety of lawn games, sports, and athletic activities. We played, we competed, we ate, we drank, and we raised over $5,000 for a great cause.

Now, we try to always reflect and introspect, to improve and to learn. So, what we did learn here? We learned that:

  • A humid, 90º day in Boston can be, uh, steamy.
  • One of our engineers is even more fit than we thought  she did a 9 minute plank! (WOW!)
  • We are pretty good at Ladder Ball, finishing #21 out of 73 companies!
  • The free beef jerky & bbq that was provided was delicious.
  • We truly do enjoy spending time together, outside of our usual day-to-day workday.
  • Corporate events are always a great opportunity for new swag.
  • The team camaraderie while working together or was it playing together ;-) for a good cause was plain ‘ole fun.

In all seriousness, being involved with the Corporate Cup truly highlighted that doing good and feeling good can go together very naturally. We feel fortunate that we could help fundraise for a great hospital, one that is a cornerstone of the Boston community. And that we could do it with each other and with other companies in our community while having fun and being active.

You can join us at the third annual corporate cup next year — we are hiring!






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