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You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See

In the world of cybersecurity, there’s one ultimate truth that applies in every scenario: You can’t secure what you can’t see. Making informed, comparative decisions about your digital ecosystem requires you to understand where all your...


Pre-installed Android Threats: Data Insights

We used to think of malicious software — or malware as it’s more commonly known — as a threat to laptops and desktop computers. But as we are increasingly using mobile devices for many important things in our daily lives such as...


How to Determine the Right Level of Vendor Assessment

When onboarding new vendors, it takes the median company an average of 90 days to complete due diligence — 20 days longer than it did four years ago, according to Gartner. In a competitive business climate where speed can be the...


The Long-term Impact of COVID-19: How Security Leaders Can Adapt

In a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has established a “new normal” in society. But it has also rapidly shifted the business of cybersecurity. 


Don't Think Migration to the Cloud is a Risk? Think Again.

The cornerstone of digital transformation is the migration of apps and data to the cloud. There are obvious benefits to doing this. Businesses become more nimble and agile, and the cost of maintenance and development is off-loaded to a...


How to Make Your Third-Party Risk Management Program More Efficient

With as much as 75% of the workforce shifting to remote work in some industries, organizations around the world are seeking to rapidly acquire new software and technology to properly enable the business, facilitate the new needs of...


Understanding a Vendor’s Cybersecurity Risk

Did you know that, according to an Opus and Ponemon Institute study, 59% of companies have experienced a data breach caused by one of their vendors or third parties? During these uncertain times, when many industries are shifting to an...


The Most Useful and Impactful Security Metrics Every CISO Should Have

Security leaders are increasingly making their cases through metrics. Data-driven measurement of cybersecurity performance can be used to justify spending, quantify risk, and more. 


Is Your Reputation at Stake?

It’s often said that our reputation precedes us. When it comes to the damage that can be done by a cybersecurity incident, that couldn’t be more true. In today’s security-focused world, a single breach can dramatically impact the public...


Identifying Unique Risks of Work from Home Remote Office Networks

During the period of March 2020, we looked at a sample size of 41,000 US-based organizations to understand the difference between corporate networks and Work From Home-Remote Office (WFH-RO) networks from a cyber-risk perspective.


Optimize Your Vendor Onboarding Process With Security Ratings

Third parties can play an essential role in your ability to grow your business and remain competitive. Of course, if you’re not careful, these trusted partnerships may introduce unwanted cyber risk into your organization. This is...


Collaboration Tools Expose the Remote Office to New Vulnerabilities

As the COVID-19 pandemic sees millions of employees shift to a work-from-home model, collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack have never been more critical or popular. Zoom is currently experiencing a 378% year-over-year growth in its...


Reduce the Risk in Your Digital Ecosystem

Cyber risk reduction is emerging as one of the most significant issues organizations face when managing their cybersecurity. As digital ecosystems expand, it’s crucial that organizations have insight into their core digital assets and...


Vendor Onboarding 101: Balancing Security and Speed

In today’s ever-evolving, competitive business climate, organizations are partnering with more and more vendors to ensure they’re as agile, flexible, and efficient as possible. Now, at a time when as much as 75% of the workforce is...


Government Teleworking Could Last for Months, Exacerbating Cyber Risk

As federal government guidance on social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic is extended through April, a new reality is setting in for federal workers — a prolonged period of telework, even beyond the coronavirus crisis.


Coronavirus Pandemic Leads to New and Evolving Cyber Threats

Over recent weeks, the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has had a major impact on the global economy and how businesses operate as a whole. More and more organizations are moving to a mandated work from home (WFH) model to...

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