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What Is Sensitive Data & Why You Need To Protect It

As a security professional navigating the new challenges 2020 is bringing to cybersecurity, it’s critical to understand the ways your organization’s data could be exposed. Sensitive data is critical, safeguarded information. Different...


The 8 Most-Read Cybersecurity Articles On The BitSight Blog

Among other things, cybersecurity is a primary focus on the BitSight blog. The following is a list of BitSight’s most-read cybersecurity articles and resources on the topic over the past couple of years, along with a description of what...


How To Communicate Cyber Risk As A CIO

Five to 10 years ago, communicating cyber risk wasn’t just difficult—it was downright rare. CISOs and CIOs were almost never asked to report metrics on cybersecurity to anyone except their direct supervisors.


What You Need To Know About Fourth Party Vendor Risk

The importance of monitoring third-party vendors has increased in recent years with the numerous data breaches originating in vendor systems. You have likely heard from news coverage of major breaches that because of how interconnected...


Analyzing Cybersecurity & Reputational Risk Management In Financial Institutions

Reputational risk is the potential for damage to an organization’s character or good name. If a bank or financial institution is hit with an incident that puts a mark on its reputation, the event could compromise the company’s perceived...


Inherent Risk: How Insecure Systems Pose a Threat to Network Security

A few months ago, Anubis BitSight Labs researchers discovered that millions of low-cost Android phones, many of them in the United States, were vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle attacks. The backdoor could be exploited through...


Sovereign Security Ratings: Assessing Cyber Risk At The National Level

BitSight is thrilled to announce BitSight Sovereign Security Ratings, the first objective measurement of national cybersecurity performance. Sovereign Security Ratings measure the security hygiene of nations by observing their IP space...

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