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BitSight Adds Analytics to Empower Vendor Risk Decision Making

BitSight customers can now gain greater insight into the cybersecurity risk of their vendor ecosystem and measure the efficacy of their third party cyber risk programs. BitSight’s new Portfolio Quality Dashboard generates interactive...


How To Approach IT & Cybersecurity Benchmarking As A CIO

To a chief information officer (CIO), cybersecurity is a multifaceted concern. Not only could a breach that results in a loss of sensitive data or information be a legal or reputational nightmare for their organization, but it could...


Ragentek Android OTA Update Mechanism Vulnerable To MITM Attack

In this article, we will be detailing an issue we discovered affecting a number of low-cost devices. It allowed for adversaries to remotely execute commands on the devices as a privileged user if they were in a position to conduct a...


Analyzing The CIO's Roles & Responsibilities Regarding Cybersecurity

The chief information officer (CIO) has traditionally owned IT security — and in recent years, cybersecurity has become a larger part of the modern CIO’s responsibility. Cybersecurity is a company-wide issue — and it’s everyone’s...


Red Cross Data Breach: How 550,000 Australian Donors Were Exposed

In 2015, the Australian Red Cross contracted with a web development company called Precedent to create a new website. Unfortunately, the vendor left sensitive donor information from the Red Cross in a backup database on a public-facing...


What Is Concentration Risk Management & Why Should It Matter To Insurers?

As insurers underwrite their book of business, they must have a good grasp on what potential losses could look like for each of their applicants. To better understand this, they evaluate hundreds of metrics—including those related to...


Cybersecurity In The IoT (Internet Of Things): What You Need To Know

The “Internet of Things” (or “IoT”) is a blanket term that encompasses embedded devices that are connected online. There’s a slew of devices that fit within this category, ranging from consumer applications (like “smart” refrigerators...

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