An increasing number of data breaches originate with the compromise of a key vendor or business partner.

As more digital services are being outsourced, the need to reduce third-party cyber risk is more important than ever. For years, the Finance industry has been a leader in managing the risk posed by vendors, suppliers, and business partners. But how secure is their supply chain, and where do weak links lie? Are the companies in their supply chain meeting the same security standards they hold for their own organization? These are important questions for all organizations that need to reduce third-party cyber risk.

To answer these questions, BitSight researchers looked at the security performance of more than 5,200 Legal, Technology, and Business Services global organizations who are tracked and monitored by hundreds of Finance firms using the BitSight Security Rating platform.

Download this report to learn:

  • How the cybersecurity performance of Finance compares to companies in their supply chain
  • Why outdated software present in an organization’s supply chain may lead to more immediate risks
  • The percentage of organizations running outdated desktop and server software
The Buck Stops Where? Assessing the Security Performance of the Finance Supply Chain