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A 2015 PwC survey found that 96% of CEO’s in the US have indicated rising concern about data breaches - and rightly so. With the record-breaking breaches of 2014 barely behind us, organizations want to take steps to avoid becoming the next victim and are looking for signs that can indicate troubling performance. BitSight Technologies may have found one such indicator.

Using security ratings data, recent research shows a solid correlation between a company’s botnet grade and their likelihood of experiencing a publicly disclosed breach, demonstrating that Security Ratings are a powerful metric for communicating cyber risk across the enterprise.

In this webinar, BitSight CTO and co-founder, Stephen Boyer, discusses this research and explains why continuous security performance monitoring should be an essential part of your enterprise risk management strategy. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What is the correlation between botnet grades and publicly disclosed breaches
  • Why botnet grades vary across key industries and what the top infections are by sector
  • How Security Ratings are generated and the impact botnets and other risk vectors have on these security performance metrics

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On-Demand: Beware the Botnets - Botnets Correlated to a Higher Likelihood of a Significant Breach