The State of Security in the Boardroom

Alex Campanelli | May 18, 2018 | tag: Benchmarking

In today’s evolving cyber risk landscape, Boards of Directors are becoming increasingly concerned about their company’s security performance. In fact, the NACD has found that 89% of public companies and 72% of private companies regularly discuss security at Board meetings. While they are asking for updates on enterprise cybersecurity posture more often, they do not necessarily have the expertise or experience to know what to ask for — or how to interpret the technical information presented to them.

This disconnect between business leaders and security and risk leaders is a pervasive problem in the boardroom.  Organizations around the world have begun to solve this issue by leveraging metrics — like security ratings — that provide a common language that both teams can easily understand.

BitSight Security Ratings helps organizations quantify their cyber risk, assess their security posture, benchmark their performance against their industry peers, and report on cyber risk to their board.  

Learn more about the state of cybersecurity risk management in the boardroom in the infographic below.

BitSight Security in the Boardroom Infographic

BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking facilitate data-driven conversations about cybersecurity, enable organizations to quantify their cyber risk, measure the impact of risk mitigation efforts, benchmark their performance against industry peers, and report security progress and results to Boards of Directors more clearly and effectively.

reporting cybersecurity to the board

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