BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking

BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking enable organizations to assess and monitor their cybersecurity posture, benchmark their security performance against industry peers, measure the impact of risk mitigation efforts, and report security progress and results to Boards of Directors more clearly and effectively.

Do you know how your organization’s cybersecurity program is performing in comparison to your industry average?
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While other corporate functions have embraced benchmarking, risk and security teams have been left in the dark. Existing tools for network security are unable to compare security performance against industry averages and peers.

To effectively understand the impact of security programs and communicate changes to key decision makers, companies need tools that provide a quantified and comparative view of cybersecurity performance over time.

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BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking deliver a continuous, data-driven measure of security performance, giving businesses a quantified baseline and comparative data. These ratings enable organizations to measure the effectiveness of risk mitigation programs, compare performance to industry peers and communicate key indicators to the Board.

BitSight continuously analyzes, rates and monitors companies’ security postures with externally observable data, accessible without permission from the rated company. Security ratings are updated daily and alerts are generated if there are significant changes in your company’s rating. In addition, users gain visibility into a wealth of risk vector data on themselves and peer companies, allowing them to benchmark their performance on a wide set of actionable security metrics.

Proven Business Value

security risks
Identify Security Issues

The BitSight platform provides intelligence on compromised systems, security diligence, and user behavior risks for your company and industry peers. This gives you the ability to see which infections are targeting peer companies for insight into industry-specific threats, as well as the ability to understand security diligence standards across your industry.

reporting cybersecurity to the board
Communicate Security Performance to the Board

BitSight Security Ratings provide key performance indicators of a company’s security operations, allowing users to effectively communicate to the Board. By showing the Board cybersecurity performance in relation to peers and actionable high level network performance metrics, customers have been able to clearly demonstrate program improvements and advocate for increased cybersecurity resources.

reputational risk management
Strengthen Your Reputational Risk Management

Organizations that invest heavily in their security programs need to be able to show their progress. Some BitSight customers use security benchmarks to demonstrate security as a business advantage.

cybersecurity forensics
Detailed Forensics

BitSight provides an actionable Forensics package. This tool shows infections observed on your company’s network and provides detailed specifics (destination URL, destination IP, location, timestamp, etc.), arming you with the information needed to remediate potentially harmful issues.


Learn how BitSight continuously monitors, analyzes and rates companies' security performance through an objective lens, giving organizations the ability to visualize and quantify their security posture and benchmark their performance against industry peers.

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"Being able to show our Board, leaders, and even customers and partners how Veracode is performing over time and relative to others in our space is a powerful tool for communicating our commitment to security excellence, and has also become a terrific competitive differentiator."

Bill Brown, CIO & CISO, Veracode
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