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Enterprise Vendor Discovery

BitSight Discover for Enterprises reveals single points of failure by highlighting potentially risky service providers connected to a company’s vendors. BitSight continuously monitors fourth party connections, giving organizations unparalleled insight into their vendor ecosystem.

See how BitSight Discover helps enterprises uncover single points of failure in their supply chain.
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Organizations of all sizes, across all industries, are now using cloud service providers to manage sensitive data. According to IDG, 72% of organizations have at least one application, or a portion of their computing infrastructure, in the cloud today. Protecting this information has become a critical part of a mature vendor management program. As third party risk management takes center stage in information security discussions, organizations are starting to pay close attention to fourth party risk.
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BitSight Discover transforms how enterprises tackle fourth party risk by automatically revealing connections between an organization, its vendors, and their service providers. In-depth network maps through the BitSight Security Ratings Platform give teams instant visibility into the third and fourth party connections of thousands of companies. This valuable information is used by thousands of companies to report to their Board of Directors, regulators, and critical business partners.

Proven Business Value

Uncover Single Points of Failure
BitSight Discover pinpoints connections to any service provider, enabling teams to understand the number of critical vendors in their supply chain that depend on a common set of service providers.
Quickly Identify Fourth Party Connections

Instantly see the service providers used by any company, enabling your business to make more informed partnership decisions around the security posture of these providers and their connected domains.

Leverage Dynamic Filters

Search by type of cloud service provider and uncover which of your business partners use each service, or select key partners and find the service providers they use.

Continuously Monitor Changes

As your vendor ecosystem changes, BitSight Discover identifies new connections to service providers. Actively monitoring these connections empowers teams to manage new risks and stay ahead of emerging threats stemming from service providers with weak security programs.

BitSight Tech Discover for EnterprisesWith BitSight Discover for Enterprises, teams can instantly see the service providers (e.g. Cloud Delivery Networks, Email Services, Domain Name Servers, etc.) used by any of their critical third parties. Given the evolution of today’s risk landscape, insight into these types of fourth party connections is becoming important, but organizations may not be doing enough to mitigate the risk. A recent survey by PwC found that 45 percent of respondents rely on third parties to monitor their subcontractors, without requiring additional verification of results. The same report found another 6 percent have no visibility into how subcontractors are monitored.

Organizations use BitSight Discover to assess the security posture of fourth party service providers to drive business decisions. CIOs, CISOs, VPs, and senior managers use this solution to gain an additional view of potential single points of failure in their supply chain.

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"BitSight Discover allows for rapid analysis, and we're finding that its ease of use and comprehensive view of aggregation encourages well-informed decision-making at all levels of business."

Scott Stransky, AIR Worldwide

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