Webinar: Ransomware Threats & The Need To Protect Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

According to Gartner, 60% of organizations work with more than 1,000 third-party vendors, with vendor dependence growing quickly to meet business needs. Managing ransomware risk in this age of digital transformation is tricky - 62% of data breaches and system intrusions were found to have originated from third parties.

Organizations cannot ignore ransomware risks posed by their growing third party ecosystem. It’s crucial to maintain continuous visibility into your vendor’s cybersecurity hygiene, while also fully evaluating your new, potential, and current vendors. In this webinar, third-party risk professionals can gain key insights into how ransomware can access your third party network, and what tools are available, and most effective, to help combat risk.

Join Bitsight’s team of ransomware experts and third-party risk management professionals as they discuss third-party risk management and the threat of ransomware, including:

  • Current industry trends third-party risk management teams should be aware of
  • Specific third-party risk vectors that correlate with risk of ransomware attacks
  • Trusted processes for managing cyber risk, including vendor risk assessments and continuous monitoring
  • How Bitsight provides industry-leading third-party risk management solutions to protect your business
Ransomware Threats and The Need To Protect Your Third-Party Risk Management Program Webinar Intro Slide