Webinar: How to Effectively Communicate Cybersecurity Risks to the Board

It has always been challenging for security leaders to communicate the value of cybersecurity investments to board. Giving transparency about the weakness of organizations can be pretty uncomfortable but, it is essential to increase the Cybersecurity level. As an IT Manager, CISO, or CSO, your understanding of risk and compliance is intimate and understood in infosec terminology. You must offer board executives a set of data to help them make informed decisions based upon the optimal management.

However, the Board of Directors expect brevity, and examine business practices from a birds-eye perspective. Download this webinar to learn how to improve your board’s cybersecurity posture by effectively communicating risks in business terms, including how to:

  • Create trust with dialogue delivery and engage leadership with universal, non-security terms
  • Show metrics to quantify challenges, & categorize in financial terms
  • Use data to explain the problem, and share how that same data provides you with a way to solve it
  • Help board executives move to an ‘internet everywhere’ approach
How to Effectively Communicate Cybersecurity Risks to the Board Webinar