How can retailers scale up e-commerce capabilities without increasing third-party risk?

In order to become competitive in e-commerce, retailers are expanding their digital supply chains and depending on technology from a wide variety of third parties. In addition, retailers are getting into the practice of storing more and more sensitive customer information to make the shopping experience more convenient for consumers.

Both of these behaviors are putting retailers at risk of large-scale data breaches. Recent incidents at Ticketmaster, Macy’s, and Under Armour were all caused by supply chain vulnerabilities.

In this ebook, we go into detail about the sources of digital supply chain risk and lay out proven mitigation strategies, including:

  • Improving organizational cyber risk awareness
  • Implementing code verification technologies
  • Using security ratings to quantify supply chain risk

Download the ebook to learn more about managing third-party cyber risk.

The E-Commerce Dilemma: Protecting the Retail Digital Supply Chain