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BitSight Discover

BitSight Discover enables organizations to identify cyber risk aggregation by automatically pinpointing connections between any organization, its business partners, and potentially risky service providers impacting their network.
See how BitSight Security Ratings can help you scale and optimize your vendor risk management program.
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Product Features

Uncover Single Points of Failure

BitSight Discover pinpoints connections to any service provider, enabling teams to understand the number of critical vendors in their supply chain that depend on a common set of service providers.

Quickly Identify Fourth Party Connections

With BitSight Discover, you can instantly see the service providers used by any company, enabling your business to make more informed partnership decisions around the security posture of these providers and their connected domains.

Search Using Adjustable Filters

Search by type of cloud service provider and uncover which of your business partners use each service. Or, select key partners and find the service providers they use.

Generate Dynamic Reports

BitSight Discover offers a simple dashboard with reports that instantly depict relationships between any company and its service providers.

Continuously Monitor Changes

As your vendor ecosystem changes, BitSight Discover identifies new connections to service providers. Actively monitoring these connections empowers teams to manage new risks and stay ahead of emerging threats stemming from service providers with weak security programs.

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BitSight Discover for Enterprises

Learn how BitSight Discover for Enterprises helps identify aggregate risk, improve vendor risk assessments, and continuously monitor risks.

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See how BitSight Discover transforms how cyber insurers and enterprises manage the cyber risk of their extended business relationships.

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