Security Performance Management: Making the Most of Your Security Investments

Quantifiable measurements help organizations improve the effectiveness of cybersecurity programs and offer accountability.

In today’s high-stakes security risk environment, it’s critical to understand how security investments are performing. How can you be sure that your security investments are helping to prevent a cyber attack? How can you identify gaps in security performance, while making decisions to better manage the effectiveness of your tools, technologies, and people? Security Performance Management helps answer these questions, identify gaps, and set realistic goals.

As the leader in Security Performance Management, BitSight provides data-driven, independent, and objective security metrics that help security and risk leaders to:

  • Assess performance of their current security posture
  • Allocate limited resources and prioritize security efforts
  • Set achievable security team goals, track progress and report on improvements over time

Download this white paper to learn about the importance of measuring and managing security performance.

Security Performance Management White Paper IDG BitSight