Bitsight and ServiceNow Announce Integrations To Help Organizations Reduce Cyber Risk & Improve Security Incident Response

BOSTON — September 24, 2019 —  Bitsight, the Standard in Security Ratings, and ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) today announced the launch of two new certified ServiceNow applications – Bitsight for Vendor Risk Management and Bitsight for Security Incident Response – now available in the ServiceNow app store. These applications unleash a new level of automation, prioritization, and insight, providing customers with clarity on cyber risk and security performance as part of digital workflows.  

These integrations build on an existing partnership between the two companies, including joint go to market activities and Bitsight membership in the ServiceNow IRM Ecosystem announced earlier this year. Together, Bitsight and ServiceNow provide organizations with prioritized visibility and automated workflows to manage cyber risk, and a system that gives customers the ability to take action, report and monitor the cyber health of their own organization and their broader business ecosystem.

Organizations like (ISC)², a non-profit organization specializing in cybersecurity training and certifications, see significant opportunities to improve their processes leveraging Bitsight and ServiceNow.

“(ISC)² is focused on managing the cyber risk of our organization as a critical part of Enterprise Risk Management,” said Bruce Beam, Chief Information Officer, (ISC)². “Ensuring we know, triage, and address these risks is important to our enterprise and our members’ security. Integrating Bitsight’s Security Ratings and performance data with ServiceNow’s digital workflows enables a more efficient management, tracking, and remediation of cyber risk throughout our business environment.”

Third party risk is a top concern for companies worried about data privacy and service availability and facing an ever-expanding list of vendors. With the Bitsight for Vendor Risk Management application, customers have a heightened level of visibility on a continuous basis to help prioritize their resources, enable data-driven conversations with vendors, and bring scale to their assessment and remediation processes. 

Risk leaders now have access to Bitsight Security Ratings, risk vector grades, 12 months of ratings history and alerts for their third-parties within ServiceNow, including the ability to share data directly with third parties. Additionally, customers can create Vendor Risk Issues using Bitsight alerting capabilities, which in turn integrate with ServiceNow’s workflows to initiate the remediation process with vendors. With ServiceNow’s Vendor Risk Management portal and mobile capabilities, employees and vendors gain a streamlined, beautifully-designed experience.

Security teams continue to be plagued with more work than available staff, driving intense interest in prioritization based on business impact. With the Bitsight for Security Incident Response application, joint security leaders can leverage detailed compromised system event information from Bitsight to quickly pinpoint and control attacks within their own corporate infrastructure. With Bitsight for Security Incident Response, customers gain access to event forensics data that reveals source ports, destination ports, time stamps, and more to unite security and IT teams for faster and more effective threat response and remediation. ServiceNow’s correlation of risk, threat, and business intelligence as part of closed loop workflows enables better, faster and more efficient task hand-off and coordinated security responses, while Bitsight dashboards and reporting features provide visibility into the organization’s security performance and progress. 

“Every organization is challenged to measure and manage cyber risk in their own environment and extended business ecosystem – and quickly address related cyber threats and incidents when they arise,” said Matt Cherian, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Bitsight. “By leveraging these integrated applications, Bitsight and ServiceNow together are giving customers the insights and tools they need to mitigate risk, improve incident response and address cybersecurity challenges more efficiently.”

“Many businesses lack a centralized, holistic view into cyber risk, requiring companies to spend scarce resources on unnecessary manual work,” said Odin Olson, Senior Director, Business Development, Security Business Unit at ServiceNow. “Together, Bitsight and ServiceNow enable customers to better focus vendor assessment efforts, while more quickly identifying, triaging, and remediating their own cyber risks.”

About Bitsight

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