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Make Your Vendor Risk Management Platform Work Harder for You with BitSight Integrations

Technology Works Better When It Works Together

BitSight’s partner integrations merge industry-leading security ratings and data analytics with vendor risk management platforms to provide efficient, data-driven risk management solutions. Vendor cybersecurity managers don’t need to rely on manual assessment and onboarding practices that aren’t meeting the needs of growing third party networks. With BitSight partner integrations, customers can efficiently identify and manage risk in their current networks, and with new or potential vendors.

BitSight and ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management

ServiceNow’s Vendor RIsk Management platform integration with BitSight’s automated data allows vendor risk management leaders to receive real-time updates on risk living in their vendor pool. Instead of relying on manual risk management solutions and assessments, this integration provides efficient, technology-based risk reduction throughout vendor onboarding, as well as continuously monitors your vendor pool to identify risks impacting your network.
Servicenow BitSight Integration

BitSight and ProcessUnity

ProcessUnity and BitSight customers can experience a data-focused approach to third party risk management. With this integration, onboarding and real-time remediation are made efficient and easy with encompassing data and technology at your fingertips. ProcessUnity's cloud-based technology and BitSight's trusted data analysis enables customers to spend more time on strategic risk mitigation - and less time on manual onboarding, third party risk assessments and processes.
ProcessUnity BitSight Integration

BitSight and ThirdPartyTrust

BitSight’s integration with ThirdPartyTrust brings automation to the forefront of vendor risk management processes. With centralized communication that brings assessments, remediation processes, and other repetitive vendor management tasks into one view, ThirdPartyTrust facilitates program scalability and integrates with BitSight security ratings to provide objective, reliable data when security managers need it.
thirdpartytrust BitSight integration

BitSight and Venminder

BitSight’s integration with Venminder’s comprehensive vendor risk management platform provides customers with efficient and user-friendly solutions to manage the inherent risks surrounding onboarding your third parties. BitSight Security Ratings and risk vector data work seamlessly into the Venminder Onboarding module, providing the external view of a vendor's network needed to properly assess risks.