Vetting your vendors doesn’t have to be a costly guessing game

Venminder’s integration with BitSight data brings an added layer of visibility and protection to the onboarding process. BitSight Security Ratings and risk vector data can serve as a first defense evaluation, and can be used alongside other cybersecurity risk evaluation tools to present a complete picture of a third party’s gaps or vulnerabilities. With BitSight Indicator, organizations can see risks they might miss with manual or traditional vendor assessments.

How does the integration work? Users of BitSight Indicator with the Venminder Onboarding module will receive credits that can be applied to their account to receive a third-party’s BitSight Security Rating and data on specific portfolio risks. By accessing a company’s rating during the evaluation period, customers can more securely and easily decide how to further evaluate and onboard the organization.

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For more information on Venminder’s onboarding and cybersecurity risk evaluation technology, visit their website.