Gain Better Insights into Your Security Posture: New Bitsight Features for SPM

New BitSight Features for Security Performance Management SPM

2021 revealed several new vulnerabilities and attack opportunities in the threat landscape, including specific vulnerabilities and proven research that shows who is more likely to experience a ransomware attack. With continuing goals of prioritizing security initiatives, avoiding known vulnerabilities, and understanding your own security effectiveness, CISOs need their tools to give them better insights and enable faster decision-making. And with how quickly the landscape changes, the more streamlined and intuitive your experience is, the more likely it is that you avoid significant losses or breaches.

That’s why over the last few months, Bitsight focused on new features in our Security Performance Management (SPM) solution that improve your user experience so you quickly get better insights of your attack surface. Our priority is to help you reduce the risk of data breaches, ransomware, and cyber attacks.

Get Better Insights of Your Attack Surface

According to a recent blog from Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Security, Compliance, and Identity, security leaders say that their top challenges included managing increased risk of ransomware and gaps in protection across their environments. This reflects our own research and conversations with SPM customers who want to streamline program decisions about ransomware and protection gaps. Three new SPM features help support your goals:

  1. Ratings Related Risk. Earlier last year, Bitsight’s data science team showed that there is a direct correlation between lower Bitsight Security Ratings and the likelihood of becoming a ransomware victim. The new Ratings Related Risks feature enables you to quickly assess your risk of a ransomware or data breach incident from your Company Details in relation to your Security Rating. Learn more in our help article.
  2. Exposed Credentials Download. Many security teams want to gain actionable insights into exposure from password re-use via leaked credentials. Bitsight expanded the capability of our Exposed Credentials Download so security leaders see exposure date, observation date, and the breached site. This helps teams prioritize password resets and examine MFA coverage. Learn more in our help article.
  3. Control Insights Executive Summary Report. A few weeks ago, I announced our new Control Insights capability, which helps security leaders address gaps and develop a proactive approach to identifying the root cause of security findings. Along with that comes the Control Insights Executive Summary Report, which delivers a PDF that leaders use to concisely share a 6-month evaluation history for their controls. Learn more in our help article.

Improve Your Bitsight User Experience

Never underestimate the importance of a simple, intuitive user experience. With a mission to help you gain immediate insights into your security posture, even the smallest improvements enable security leaders to quickly prioritize activities and remediate problems. Three new SPM features help you achieve these goals:

  1. Finding Search Highlighting. Bitsight refers to “findings” as observed internet traffic and configurations. Users have always been able to search findings by using the Search bar within the Findings page. Now, text searches with matches are highlighted so you can quickly drill down to what you’re looking for. Learn more in our help article.
  2. Third Party Collaboration Recipient Experience. Do you also use our Third-Party Risk Management solution? Our Enable Access Program allows you to invite third parties to access the Bitsight platform to easily collaborate, address questions, and manage expectations. When you send invitations to your third parties, recipients now access the updated SPM experience, not an outdated UI. Learn more in our help article.
  3. Peer Analytics. Bitsight users tell us all the time that Peer Analytics is one of the most useful and valuable tools within SPM. With this in mind, we improved the page load time significantly so users can more quickly access and understand peer analytics.