Drive Confidence in Your Cybersecurity Program With the Bitsight Badge

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In 2021, 88 percent of Boards of Directors considered cybersecurity a business risk, indicating its level of importance and impact on the organization. And, cybersecurity is the second item on the list of key concerns for boards. But it’s not just boards that are more interested in cybersecurity; the rocketing growth of cyber attacks means that your cybersecurity matters to stakeholders like cyber insurers, investors, business partners, and vendors. After all, new cyber disclosure considerations—such as those proposed by SEC—would require disclosing cyber incidents within days or hours. It’s more important than ever to have transparency in your cybersecurity program.  

For cybersecurity leaders who want to instill confidence in every stakeholder, it’s critical to promote visibility and trust. With a relentless dedication to transparency and innovation, we’re proud to announce the Bitsight Badge, a way for companies to publicly share your Bitsight Rating on your website to provide evidence regarding your dedication to cybersecurity, and show you’re willing to engage in cyber disclosure and security performance. 

What Is the Bitsight Badge?

At its core, the Bitsight Badge is a way to encourage transparency and build trust throughout your stakeholder ecosystem.The Badge visually represents your security rating by being displayed on your website. Every day, the Badge automatically updates your rating directly from the Bitsight servers to show either your current rating or a 90-day average. Each Badge comes with a ‘Learn More’ page that helps your stakeholders understand the rating and why it matters. And, you can control which domains the Badge works on, meaning it’s only displayed for those you deem most appropriate. 

BitSight Badge


Why Does the Bitsight Badge Matter?

Security leaders need to convey program performance, inspire confidence, and share the progress of their cybersecurity program’s performance with the Board of Directors. But as cybersecurity continues to proliferate, other stakeholders are looking for meaningful ways to understand your performance. For example:

  • Cyber insurers need to understand how to underwrite the right policy
  • New regulations and legislations mean that regulators are looking more closely at cybersecurity and disclosures
  • Investors and vendors need to know if they can trust the companies they do business with

The Bitsight Security Rating has long been known as a meaningful metric highly correlated with critical outcomes, such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, and company stock performance. As the world’s most trusted security rating by government agencies, cyber insurers, and 1 in 5 of the Fortune 500, transparently displaying your Bitsight Rating proves that you’re willing to engage in conversations about cybersecurity, showcase the work you put in every day to enhance your security performance, and position you as a thought leader in the cybersecurity space. Plus, publishing the Badge cuts the time spent addressing recurring questions about your performance.

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Request your free Security Rating Snapshot for your company to find the gaps in your security program and how you compare to others in your industry.

Bitsight Badge in Action

The importance of transparency is one of the reasons Bitsight has published our own badge on our website. We have nothing to hide, and we’re giving you a front row seat into our own security practices. By showing you our Bitsight Badge, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to better protecting ourselves and our third-party partners from cyber incidents.

You can see our Badge at