BitSight Is A Partner for Cybersecurity In Law Enforcement

Brian Thomas | March 5, 2021 | tag: Cybersecurity

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep, and the same goes for your security ratings partner. All security ratings are not created equal.

While other ratings services may claim that their data is more accurate, the fact is that BitSight remains the only security ratings service that has data that is high quality, reliable, and accurate enough for leading cybersecurity and law enforcement organizations to rely on it in significant counter-cyber crime operations. 

We are a key partner in the fight against cyber crime on a global scale and have aided EUROPOL’s European Cybercrime Center (EC3) team and the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) in taking down global botnets and other law enforcement actions. We’re also trusted by governments and leading law enforcement around the world to keep their systems safe. 

BitSight’s unique ability to observe massive global infections is the reason why law enforcement and private sector organizations have worked with us over the years on significant disruption initiatives. Our threat research team in both the US and Portugal have access to some of the highest quality cybersecurity datasets in the world, thanks to our proprietary malware honeypotting infrastructure-- the world’s largest-- and other technologies. This gives us unparalleled insight into trends, behavior, and cyber criminal activity around the globe, which is leveraged by both law enforcement and private companies. BitSight’s unique ability to observe massive global infections is the reason why law enforcement and private sector organizations have worked with us over the years to make the internet a safer place.

Cyber Security in Law Enforcement


Microsoft and the Necurs Take Down

Since 2017 BitSight has been working together with Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) to analyze the inner workings of the Necurs malware, its botnets and command and control infrastructure in order to take disruptive action against the threat, including reverse engineering, malware analysis, modules updates, infection telemetry and command and control updates and forensic analysis. In March of 2020, an action took place to disrupt all Necurs botnets, followed by mitigation and eradication actions. The action took place across 35 countries, involving coordinated legal and technical steps, and resulted in the prevention of over six million botnet associated IP’s being created or activated.

Helping EUROPOL Take Down the Ramnit Botnet 

In 2015, BitSight joined 26 leading security companies that are advisors to the EUROPOL EC3 advisory group in order to initiate cooperation to combat the global threat of cybercrime. Cooperating again with Microsoft, Symantec, and EUROPOL EC3, BitSight’s experts aided the 2015 takedown of the Ramnit botnet that had infected 3.2 million computers globally. BitSight provided EC3 and government officials with a holistic approach to threat intelligence by focusing on mapping malware campaign, method, and propagation vectors. BitSight remains a EUROPOL EC3 partner in the cross-border fight against cyber crime.


To date, BitSight is the only security ratings service that has partnered with leading law enforcement agencies and organizations to provide high-quality malware and cyber threat data to aid in anti-cyber crime operations. Not only is our data among the best in the world, but the experts on our threat research teams are among the foremost in their field in providing analysis, and are regularly called upon to advise law enforcement. 

If our threat data is good enough for these kinds of operations, imagine the kind of visibility we can give into the cyber security risks that face your organization. Curious about what else you should look for in a security ratings partner? Check out our recent blog post to learn more about data quality, transparency, and more.

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