Bitsight Insights: Mobile Application Risk Report Out Now

Mobile Application Risk Report Cover 2021

As security and risk professionals take steps to improve cybersecurity posture, email, network, and web security often take center stage. However, as internet use continues moving toward a mobile-centric experience, it has become essential to consider mobile applications when crafting a security strategy. Bitsight’s latest research demonstrates exactly why.

We are excited to announce that Bitsight Insights: Mobile Application Risk Report is available now.

In this report, you’ll find:

  • Eye-opening statistics on the state of mobile application security today.
  • Examples of how and why mobile breaches occur.
  • Actionable advice for mitigating cyber risks associated with your own mobile applications, as well as apps from third-party partners and suppliers.

You’ll also get Bitsight’s latest research on mobile application security—including performance stats by application genre, sector, and popularity.

Key findings:

  • 3 out of 4 mobile applications evaluated contained at least one Moderate vulnerability. The prevalence of at least one Material (<1%) or Severe (2.5%) vulnerability occurs at significantly lesser rates.
  • Material and Severe vulnerabilities, including Arbitrary Code Execution, were observed in highly popular mobile apps.
  • Very few Material and Severe vulnerabilities were remediated once they were in production. Remediation rates were very low given the criticality of these vulnerabilities.
  • Android shopping apps, which transmit personal identifying information (PII) and other sensitive financial details, performed poorly in TLS Certificate Validation for Sensitive Data.
  • GPS Data Leakage, a significant security and privacy issue, was a problem across a variety of sectors and mobile app genres—including Aerospace and Defense.