Advanced Security Benchmarking with Bitsight Peer Analytics

Advanced Security Benchmarking with BitSight Peer Analytics

On March 4th, Bitsight released Peer Analytics, the newest advanced analytics module from the leader in security ratings. This allows organizations to better understand and manage their security performance in relation to their industry peers and competitors. Peer Analytics joins Bitsight’s Forecasting module, released in late 2018, to offer a suite of solutions that enable companies to manage the performance of their cybersecurity programs using security ratings at the core of that program.

Based on security performance data of hundreds of thousands of global organizations, Peer Analytics gives security and risk leaders visibility into the relative performance of their cybersecurity programs against a meaningful set of peers. These cybersecurity analytics help them set achievable performance targets based on their Bitsight Security Rating, effectively allocate limited resources, and efficiently prioritize security efforts with a focus on continuous program improvement.

Peer Analytics provides companies with a more granular view of their security rating. It is based on hundreds or thousands of companies (a broader set of similar organizations) that allow you to see where there are gaps in your security performance: at the ratings level, risk vector grade level, and at the vector detail event level.

bitsight peer analytics security performance managementPeer Analytics: Analyze, Prioritize, Act

Today, security and risk leaders use Peer Analytics to:

  • Set achievable security goals based on relative performance within the context of a meaningful peer group.
  • Allocate limited resources and prioritize their efforts for the greatest impact and return.
  • Measure program outcomes over time and report on progress to both internal and external key stakeholders.

Bitsight is the most widely adopted and trusted security rating on the market. With a proven track record for helping customers and their third parties improve their security risk posture over time, the release of Peer Analytics helps security and risk leaders begin to shift from reactive cybersecurity program management to proactive. By gaining insight into the performance of their peer group, they can get in front of incidents and issues that might affect their organization down the line.

Peer Analytics provides unprecedented visibility at the most granular level to help inform resource allocation and security strategy to help security leaders make data-driven, dynamic, defensible decisions.