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Find out why BitSight is the leading Security Rating Service.

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Our Mission

Organizations are often in the dark when it comes to understanding the actual security performance of critical third parties or even assessing the impact of their own security programs and policies. This is due to a lack of objective metrics and tools that help measure and mitigate cyber risk across the business ecosystem.

In 2011, BitSight pioneered the security ratings market, founding the company with a solitary mission: to transform how organizations evaluate risk and security performance by employing the outside-in model used by credit rating agencies. BitSight is honored to be supported by the top scientists of the National Science Foundation, which provides financial backing to scientific and engineering efforts of national importance.

Our leadership in the Security Rating Services market is defined by these pillars:


We provide Security Ratings that are objective, verifiable, and actionable, and rely on data only from trusted, reputable sources.

  • 1,200+ BitSight customers are sharing BitSight Security Ratings with more than 130,000 third party organizations, making it the most widely used security ratings platform across all industries.
  • 7 of the largest 10 global cyber insurers, 20% of Fortune 500 companies, and 3 of the top 5 investment banks rely on BitSight to manage cyber risks.
  • We offer an established, transparent appeals process with an independent Ombudsman.
  • We provide insight into 23 risk vectors across compromised systems, security diligence, user behavior and data breaches — twice as many as other security rating organizations.
  • We have the most accurate network asset maps — over 110,000 of them: BitSight researchers use tools to account for IP addresses, domains, and certificates owned by a company.
  • We own the largest botnet sinkholing infrastructure, providing our customers exclusive information on compromised systems, a risk that has been highly correlated to data breaches.

Our approach is proven through 6+ years of data analysis and Ratings Platform enhancements to help companies stay at the forefront of risk and security innovation.

  • We are the most frequently used Security Rating Service over the longest time period. Through many years in customer hands, our portal is optimized for ease of use.
  • Our solution scales from small organizations monitoring 1 company to Fortune 100 organizations monitoring 25,000+ companies, and is unlimited in the number of vendors that can be monitored simultaneously.
  • Our solution integrates with existing security and risk processes and programs, including market-leading GRC platforms.
  • With 120+ data sources that have been vetted over time and visibility into 80B+ daily security events, we provide data breadth and depth.

We incorporate only the most critical, high quality risk vectors into the Security Rating.

  • We are the only ratings solution with a third party verified correlation to breaches. Our data and analyses have been reviewed and approved by Advisen and AIR Worldwide.
  • Organizations use our Ratings across all use cases including benchmarking, security monitoring, and vendor risk management to continuously monitor and remediate risks.
  • Our solution enables collaboration internally and with third parties to better identify and address risks, including customizable alerts and optimized workflows.
  • Customers and non-customers can communicate status and mitigation strategies internally or externally.
  • We provide the ability to view 12+ months of historical data to identify trends and provide more insight into risks and vulnerabilities.

Unparalleled Customer Success

From our personalized onboarding to our best-in-class customer support, BitSight is committed to ensuring our customers can operationalize security ratings and find immediate value. We strive to be both easy to work with and quick to respond, as indicated by our performance ratings:

  • Live chat satisfaction: 96.6%.
  • Response time to tickets: In the 90th percentile for all SaaS companies.

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