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Learn how BitSight can help retail companies assess, continuously monitor, and remediate risk across their business.

Cyber Risk Management for Retail

Retail is one of the most targeted industries when it comes to cyber attacks, given the sensitive customer data these organizations possess— like personally identifiable information (PII). In fact, over 50% of global retailers were breached last year.

In today’s economy, an increasing number of larger retailers are shifting their focus to e-commerce to compete with industry giants. This means they are working with multiple vendors to process e-commerce transactions. In order to scale and become competitive online, retailers are going to need to depend on technology from various vendors.

For retail companies, their focus lies not only on benchmarking their security performance against industry peers but also on maintaining their brand and reputation. To do this, they need to prioritize assessing and continuously monitoring the security posture of many third and fourth parties with access to sensitive customer and shopper data— and the potential to compromise it.

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60% of the Retail Sector is at heightened risk of ransomware attacks
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How Global Retailers Use BitSight

Manage Security Performance and Compare with Industry Peers

Retail organizations need an effective means to gain visibility into the security posture of their business, as well as model different scenarios and paths of remediation to project future security performance. BitSight Security Ratings deliver a continuous, data-driven measure of security performance, giving retail companies a means to both establish their credibility in their industry as well as the ability to compare performance with other industry peers and competitors, identify direct paths to cyber risk reduction, as well as report progress over time to executives and the Board.

Assess and Monitor Third-Party Risk at Scale

Third parties play a critical role in supporting key business functions, but they can also introduce significant risk of data loss and business disruption. Retailers have time and time again been targeted through their third and fourth parties. BitSight Security Ratings help global retailers continuously monitor their third parties’ security postures by enabling them to accurately assess the risk posed through e-commerce providers and other third-party services.

Collaborate with Key Business Partners and Remediate Security Issues

Retail companies can invite third-party suppliers to the BitSight platform at no additional cost in order to investigate issues and remediate risks found on their network. By leveraging the BitSight Customer Success team, their third parties can get all the insights and education they need, leading to effective risk reduction.

BitSight in Action

Hear how David Nolan from Aaron’s uses BitSight to evolve their enterprise vendor risk management program

“It used to take weeks to complete vendor assessments. Now it takes us hours. BitSight Security Ratings facilitate security discussions with potential vendors. It’s an integral part of our vendor risk management program.”

Michael Christian, Information Security Manager of Cyber Risk & Compliance, Cabela’s
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Learn how BitSight Security Ratings can help your retail company monitor and assess both your organization’s and your third parties’ security posture at scale.

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