Webinar: Understanding the Modern Attack Surface: IoT and Supply Chain Risk

Recent events suggest that easily-exploitable vulnerabilities are all too common, and they’re not limited to the technologies we commonly consider; Internet of things (IoT) devices could represent the next great risk to the enterprise, not to mention third-party supply chain partners.

The challenge is growing more serious each day. Bitsight recently announced the discovery of critical vulnerabilities in a popular IoT device – a vehicle GPS tracker – potentially allowing hackers to track vehicles, remotely disable corporate fleets, and more. Explore media coverage in The Associated Press, Bloomberg, and TechCrunch.

How can security professionals manage these growing risks? In this conversation featuring Bitsight Principal Security Researcher Pedro Umbelino, and Bitsight Co-Founder Stephen Boyer, you will gain insight into:

  • The latest Bitsight research into IoT device security.
  • Factors contributing to the expanding attack surface.
  • New government recommendations for supply chain risk.
  • Strategies for continuous monitoring.
  • Advice for security professionals on managing IoT and supply chain risk.
Understanding the Modern Attack Surface - IoT and Supply Chain Risk