Webinar: Responding to Zero Days at Scale

With a digital economy that continues to grow and expand, organizations across the globe are scrambling to secure and protect their business from growing threats. An over-reliance on third-party vendors and the extended networks that they do business with opens you up to more and more risk which can feel like an impossible problem to solve.

Understanding where to put your energy and how to best mitigate and remediate issues that arise - like major zero day events - is a continual challenge for businesses. One of the most effective ways businesses can solve this today is by addressing and prioritizing the most concentrated risk within your network so that you are solving macro security incidents and not just putting out fires mindlessly.

Download this free webinar to hear from Third-Party Risk Management experts as they dive into an array of topics including:

  • The current state of zero day event management
  • Best practices to identify and overcome your most pressing areas of exposure
  • And how we’re helping customers address concentrated risk (including some of our latest product enhancements!)
Webinar-Responding to Zero Days at Scale