Webinar: Navigating Cyber Risk Market Challenges

With organizations across the globe continuing to struggle with growing cyber risk, it's more important than ever to stay vigilant on how to best navigate these threats. Join Tom Collins, Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing at Atlantech Online and Evan Tegethoff, Vice President of Solutions Consulting at Bitsight as they discuss the landscape of cyber risk today.

Why is this such an urgent issue to be aware of? Risk of ransomware attacks and security breaches are on the rise and as businesses scale their own operations as well as their reliance on third-party vendors - it becomes even more crucial to prepare your organization against these threats. Learn more about how Atlantech has approached these challenges as they break down the steps they are taking to ensure that their organization and their vendors are well protected.

This webinar will leave you with an understanding of how Bitsight helps Atlantech mitigate risk through:

  • Constant monitoring of customer security posture
  • Enabling the customer to gain knowledge so they can take actions for remediation
  • Reflecting on the vendors your organization is working with and understanding their risk
  • Visibility into ransomware and data breaches
Navigating Cyber Risk Market Challenges Webinar