Visualize and Assess Cyber Risk Across Your Entire Ecosystem

How Security Performance Management can give you critical visibility across your entire attack surface

In today’s evolving threat environment, cybersecurity is never static. As more organizations embrace digital transformation initiatives to become increasingly agile and boost productivity, they also transform the number of digital touchpoints employees interact with on a day-to-day basis dramatically.

Unfortunately, as the digital ecosystem expands, so does the risk posed by Shadow IT which can dramatically increase the attack surface. After all, you can’t secure what you can’t see.

Businesses must get a handle on the cyber risk hidden within their growing digital ecosystems — in the cloud, and across geographies, subsidiaries, and the remote workforce. Ignoring this risk opens organizations up to the increased likelihood of a breach.

Read our guide to learn how Bitsight Security Performance Management Can help you:

  • Get visibility into Shadow IT
  • Understand cyber risk context
  • Create a common language to quantify that risk

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How to Reduce Risk in an Ever-Expanding Digital Ecosystem