A Security Manager's Guide to Third-Party Risk Management

Learn how to streamline your third-party risk management process.

It is almost impossible for an organization to operate without utilizing third-party software or resources. In this whitepaper, you will find resources to help your security team better manage your vendors by properly assessing the inherent risk associated with each vendor. We will tackle questions to ask yourself and your vendors to evaluate the how critical the vendor is to your organization’s operations, including diving deeper into the following:

  1. What type of data are we storing with this third-party?
  2. What is this organization’s online reputation?
  3. Does this company have any available information on their security or compliance reports?
  4. Does this organization perform their own internal and third-party security assessments?

Download this guide to take the first step toward a better third-party risk management program.

A Security Manager's Guide to Third-Party Risk Management