Rush University Medical Center: A Blueprint for Scaling Your Third-Party Risk Management Program with Bitsight VRM

As your organization grows, so does your reliance on third-party vendors. While monitoring their security performance is a vital component to protect your business, having a scalable way to efficiently assess and validate responses from those vendors is also crucial. To help enhance this process for our customers, we’ve recently introduced Bitsight Vendor Risk Management, a tool that automates and optimizes your vendor evaluation effort. With quick implementation and smooth workflows, Bitsight VRM is a powerful tool to help scale your third-party risk management program to manage hundreds of vendors as effectively as you manage ten.

Download this fireside chat between Jason Torres, Cybersecurity Director at Rush University Medical Center, and Anders Norremo, VP of Product, TPRM at Bitsight. Jason and Anders will discuss why Rush University initially implemented Bitsight VRM and how the team leverages cybersecurity data to further address vendor risk across their organization. Learn about Rush’s program and experience, including:

  • What the VRM selection process looked like and why Rush University has remained a Bitsight VRM customer
  • How quickly the team was able to get up and running with Bitsight VRM
  • How the team of two scaled the vendor risk program confidently
  • How Rush University is looking to operationalize and optimize its third-party risk program through a unified Bitsight solution

Download the free webinar today!

BitSight and Rush University Webinar