Ransomware: The Rapidly Evolving Trend

63% of the Energy Sector is at heightened risk of ransomware attacks according to BitSight’s daily analysis of over 250 billion data-points.

The proliferation of ransomware has disrupted business operations globally at an alarming rate - plaguing the energy sector recently, with attacks like the one on Colonial Pipeline. Energy companies are prone to ransomware attacks due to their large third party supply chain, and the global reliance on their energy sources functioning smoothly adds pressure to give in to persistent hackers.

Your organization doesn’t need to remain in the dark when it comes to how and when ransomware will impact your systems; BitSight has identified common cybersecurity performance gaps and network challenges that lead to successful ransomware incidents in the energy sector. In this report, we break down how the energy sector is particularly vulnerable to ransomware attacks based on:

  • Overall security performance
  • Patching cadence
  • Presence of specific vulnerabilities
  • Certificate and configuration management

Maintaining visibility into trends and ransomware data across the energy sector allows for proactive mitigation of ransomware risk across your attack surface. Download the “Ransomware in the Energy Sector” report to see how the ransomware trend is specifically impacting energy organizations, and learn how your organization can implement the right technology to combat the unique risks.

Ransomware: The Rapidly Evolving Trend