Moody's + BitSight: How digitalisation of our world is bringing cybersecurity to the forefront of finance

In an insightful, engaging conversation with BitSight's CEO Steve Harvey, Moody's Corporation's President and CEO Rob Fauber talk about how the two companies are working together to transform how the global marketplace measures and manages cyber risk.

We invite you to watch this 30-minute session to learn more about:

  • The path of Rob Fauber to becoming President and CEO of Moody's Corporation and how he works with his CISO;
  • What Moody's does beyond credit ratings, how the company opened the aperture to include cyber through investments such as RMS and BitSight, and how does cyber relate to ESG;
  • How is Moody's leveraging BitSight in areas such as data visibility, credit analysis and the insurance ecosystem;
  • How cyber risk quantification is making its way into financial and risk decision-making, and how Moody's and BitSight can play a fundamental role;
  • What are the most significant risks out there for businesses, and how can this partnership help organisations overcome those challenges;
  • Inside vs external data: How does the partnership with BitSight play a role in that process from a Moody's perspective;
  • Why cyber should be a front-and-centre topic in every board room;
  • Why Moody's Corporation chose BitSight to enter the cyber risk ratings industry.
BitSight + Moody's EMEA Xperience