Meeting the SEC’s New Disclosure Requirements and Providing Assurance to Investors

Practical advice, survey data, disclosure examples, and recommendations about the new regulations.

In one of the most important cybersecurity regulatory developments in recent memory, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently adopted new cybersecurity requirements for public companies.

Cybersecurity leaders play an important role in ensuring that their organizations are effectively communicating information about their programs to shareholders and investors.

This guide shares:

  • What just happened? Why is it important for companies and CISOs?
  • What do investors want to know about your cybersecurity program?
  • What information should you disclose?
  • How should you collect this information?
  • Thinking outside of the 10-K: The Equifax Security Annual Report
  • Disclosing Benchmarking
  • Incident Risk Disclosure and the Materiality Question

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CISOs Guide to Cyber Risk Disclosure - SEC