On-Demand: Key Insights Into Today's Risk Management Landscape

Learn about the current cybersecurity risk management landscape.

Today, cyber risk management affects organizations of all sizes across all industries. With data breaches on the rise and sensitive client information increasingly at risk, businesses need to elevate their existing risk management strategies to become more comprehensive. To proactively mitigate risk, organizations need to create a lasting risk management program that can scale with the growth of their business and sustain the changing risk landscape.

In this webinar, Jon Oltsik (Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group) and Jake Olcott (VP of Corporate Communications, Bitsight) discuss:

  • Impactful market insights and survey research on today’s risk management landscape presented by Enterprise Strategy Group.
  • The importance of implementing a risk management program that ultimately reduces your exposure to a data breach by identifying and prioritizing vendors of highest risk.
  • How security ratings enable organizations to continuously monitor, analyze, and project security performance and therefore determine the effectiveness of security resource allocation.
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On-Demand: Key Insights Into Today's Risk Management Landscape