The importance of efficient and effective third-party risk management strategies has never been as top of mind as it is now, as organizations across the globe work to find where in their vendor pool Solarwinds’ compromised software might be present. No matter where you fall in your third party risk management process, whether you have strong policies in place or are in the early development stages, following proven best practices has never been more critical.

BitSight has compiled customer feedback from over 100+ third party risk workshops to confidently recommend vendor management techniques that are tried and tested by our own, risk-focused third party customers.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Strategies for creating a strong cross-functional process among those involved in an organization's third party risk program
  2. How to create efficiency in the vendor assessment process through inherent risk tiering
  3. How to validate vendor responses and enable continuous monitoring with a data-driven approach
  4. Download the webinar today to get on the right track to promoting efficiency and managing risks across your third party landscape.


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On-Demand: How Third-Party Risk Managers Are Combating Real-World Threats