Handling Specific Vendor Risk Management Challenges in Healthcare

Handling specific challenges of the healthcare industry and the impact on cyber risk

We often hear about the unique challenges of cybersecurity in healthcare, especially when it comes to managing a third-party risk management program. The industry is one of the most heavily regulated, where all data is considered private, the market is rapidly consolidating and facing a wave of new and agile competitors, and patients have evermore consumerized expectations.

However, when you really look at those challenges, they aren’t so dissimilar from other industries which raise the question: is TPRM -- or even cybersecurity in general -- for healthcare unique? Are there best-practices and lessons healthcare TPRM program leaders can take from other industries?

In this on-demand webinar, Bitsight and CORL discuss common best practices and tips that can be adapted to the specific challenges of healthcare.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Current state of healthcare vendor risk
  • Unique challenges of TPRM in healthcare
  • Best practices for building cyber risk policies
Handling Specific Vendor Risk Management Challenges in Healthcare