CISOs’ Tactics To Win Every Budget Battle

Every CISO knows that the right cybersecurity strategy protects their company from cyber risk. And a strong, resilient program plays a big role in company revenue. So how do you get the budget you need to maintain security posture, especially for larger enterprises?

Stop talking about risk, breaches, litigation, and reputational damage to justify your budget. Start talking about cybersecurity as a catalyst to grow revenue and customer retention.

This complimentary report from Forrester looks at how 3 external stakeholders impact security spending, and the right strategy to overcome budget pressure. Download the report to learn:

  • 3 externalities that force security spending: customers, cyber insurers, and regulators
  • The right data to overcome budget pressure
  • Calculations to prove cybersecurity costs to the board
Forrester Report Cover For CISOs Tactics To Win Every Budget Battle