Boost Confidence with Your Leadership Teams in 2023

How do you decide what your security performance targets should be and which standards make the most sense for your organization? How do you create a shared understanding with leadership without using technical language?

These are questions that security leaders like yourself frequently ask as they work to drive their organization forward and report on operational metrics. Bitsight Peer Analytics gives you the answers you need by easily comparing yourself against a meaningful group of peers. Establish comparative performance targets and drive confidence with your Board as you put your organization’s cybersecurity posture into context.

Watch this webinar for a conversation with Jason Benedict, Associate Vice President for IT & CISO at Fordham University, and Chris McKillop, Director of SPM Sales at Bitsight where they take a deep dive into how Bitsight enables you to:

  • Provide context to your performance using comparative standards that matter to you
  • Set meaningful performance targets based on relative performance
  • Gain insights to prioritize risk activities
  • Instill confidence with key stakeholders by showing comparative outcomes

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Boost Confidence with Your Leadership Teams in 2023