Bitsight Security Ratings Overview Video

Learn about Bitsight's trusted, time-tested and actionable Security Ratings.

Bitsight Security Ratings allow companies to monitor, manage and mitigate the cyber risks of first and third parties, benchmark security performance against industry peers, and make informed cyber insurance underwriting decisions.


Video Transcript

In business, strong decisions come from a clear understanding of risk. But how do you understand ongoing cyber risk in your business ecosystem? It's hard to know whose evaluations you can trust, but you have to be on top of pressing security issues so that you and your third parties can get them fixed fast.

That's why Bitsight analyzes. Security incidents and practices applies complex algorithms and produces daily easy to understand security ratings. The Bitsight security ratings platform fosters quick data-driven collaboration between first and third parties so that you can scale your third party risk program and mitigate risk across your business ecosystem.

You can also use ratings to benchmark how your security performance compares to the rest of your industry peers and competitors. Use Bitsight security ratings for board level reporting and put your security progress into business context. Cyber insurance underwriters use Bitsight security ratings to keep an eye on the security postures of policy holders and applicants and reduce claims losses.

Meanwhile, other organizations use ratings to assess and reduce the cyber risk of merger and acquisition targets before, during, and after transactions, Bitsight pioneered the security rating service market and has become the most widely used security rating across the. Minimize your business's exposure to data breaches with clear visibility into cyber risks, and make business decisions with greater confidence.

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