Bitsight Security Ratings for Benchmarking

Learn how Bitsight Security Ratings help benchmark cybersecurity performance, remediate security issues & reduce cyber risk.

Bitsight Security Ratings for Benchmarking enable organizations to quantify their cyber risk, measure the impact of cyber risk mitigation efforts, benchmark their cybersecurity performance against industry peers and competitors, and report security progress to Boards of Directors more clearly and effectively.



Bitsight: It's easy for business leaders to be in the dark about the cyber risk posed by their enterprise and whether they're allocating cybersecurity resources effectively. Understanding how your organization performs and compares to industry peers is a critical piece of both creating an effective security strategy and communicating its performance to key business stakeholders.

But where do you find objective quantifiable ways to measure cyber risk? That's the question that Bitsight, the leader and standard in security ratings answers. Bitsight continuously monitors analyzes and rates company's security performance through an objective lens. This gives organizations the ability to visualize and quantify their security posture and benchmark their performance against their industry peers.

Security ratings are updated daily with data that's trusted by over a thousand customers worldwide and have been directly correlated to breaches by an independent third party. Bitsight alerts you to significant changes and provides actionable forensics. So you can identify and remediate security events as they arise, prioritize and respond quickly and communicate progress in key indicators and security performance trends to your executive team and board of directors.

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