Video: Bitsight for Security Performance Management

First Look: Security Performance Management

Forrester says 2 out of 5 companies have lost business because of real or perceived cybersecurity risks. So how do you know if your cybersecurity program is living up to expectations—both yours and your customers, partners, and investors?

Watch our First Look video to see in two minutes how you can build a strong, resilient cybersecurity program that continuously improves with Bitsight for Security Performance Management. Get an inside look into how some of our key features enable security teams to lower risk, increase assurance, and manage strong cybersecurity programs.


Video Transcript

Cyber risk is on everybody's mind. Security teams are on the front lines working to build highly resilient cyber security programs. Make sure your security posture is living up to expectations. With Bitsight for Security Performance Management, Bitsight helps you measure and continually manage your security performance as the most trusted comprehensive.

And widely adopted cyber risk data and analytics company, we can help companies lower risk, improve assurance, and manage strong programs. Our trusted insights help you consistently improve every day to build a highly resilient program. Seeing your digital footprint shouldn't be cobbled together or focused on only a single point in time.

Improve visibility into the effectiveness of your security. The Bitsight Ratings Tree and Control Insights capabilities help you see across all your subsidiaries, business units and geographic locations. See the state of each control, track progress over time and get recommendations for remediation. Go beyond simple benchmarking to compare with a competition.

Slice and dice your data with advanced peer analytics to measure your program and monitor your controls. Inspire confidence with stakeholders like the board investors and give them context into cybersecurity performance with cyber risk quantification and meaningful metrics. The Bitsight Security Rating is the only security rating independently correlated to data breaches.

Ransomware attacks and company stop performance. Don't just tackle problems as they come. Be proactive. And build a strong, resilient cybersecurity program that continuously improves with Bitsight for security performance management. Discover more at performance- management.