Video: Bitsight customer Epiq uses security ratings to confidently remediate cybersecurity risks

Epiq trusts Bitsight for Security Performance Management to give an accurate view on the risks plaguing their attack surface

Epiq experienced a cyber-attack in early 2020. Previously, most vulnerabilities were handled by scanning, patching, and moving on to the next fire, but they weren’t consistently identifying the underlying cause of the risk. With Bitsight for Security Performance Management, Epiq gained clear visibility of risk across their attack surface and how they are exposed to possible security threats. When vulnerabilities are located, Epiq’s Cyber & IT Teams are able to act efficiently with the information Bitsight provides them.

Epiq specifically utilizes Bitsight in the following areas:

  • Gain a complete view of risk across Epiq’s attack surface and subsidiary network
  • Give the Board visible results for how their investment in cybersecurity is performing, as well as an accurate summary of where risks are present compared to industry standards
  • Customers can see a measurable, understandable representation of Epiq’s security practices to trust doing business with them